Friday, November 2, 2018

Introduction to Grace and Person of Grace

                                                                      Introduction to Grace

     You can neither touch nor see grace. The reality, however, if you allow Grace to work in your life, it will wrap you in a blanket of peace, love, hope, and security. Even in the most difficult of times, Grace makes it possible to say, "It is well with my soul!"

                                                                       Person of Grace

     A person of high standing, has money, power, and considered beautiful and self assured. Sadly, often arrogant, self-centered, uncaring, and controlling. Their agenda and power comes before God and the needs of others.

     The person of Grace may be seen as plain, with a gentle, kind spirit. Often it is a joy and delight to be in their company. They nurture the brokenhearted and show forgiveness, because they care and are interested in the concerns of others. Manty times there is a mystery about them that draws people to them. They create a desire in others to understand what makes them special. Humble with an inter beauty that is mostly over looked. A person of power and strength, but will never abuse it. Their gentle ways can stop the most cruel offender, bringing the mighty to their knees before God, and reduce the arrogant to tears. As we get to know them, we see the face of God revealed in them. My prayer is that I will grow to be a, "Person of Grace." May I help those around me to seek the Grace of God in their life.


Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Eyes- Windows to Pain

                                        The Eyes-Windows To Pain

     Sitting in the ER, where I had taken David, at his request, so I knew it was bad.
     It was easy to tell the ones that had a fever. Their coat was buttoned up or they had asked for a warm blanket. Usually they were snuggled up to the companion with them. You knew they were trying to get warm. If their eyes were open you could see the misery in them, very sad and dull.
     Others that did not have fever, was not as obvious. But, if you watched, you could recognize the pain. Shifting in the seat to get comfortable, clinched teeth. They had a hard time sitting still. The more sever the pain, the wider the eyes were opened.
    Some like David, had pain and to move only made it worse. They sat very still and it seemed to hurt if they opened their eyes. No matter the discomfort, they could only sit still for so long, until they had to shift positions. Pain so bad they broke out in a cold sweat.
     Babies and children are the saddest. They cling to a person or someone with them, often cannot stop crying or whimpering. Their eyes are so sad and sometimes have a look of fear.
     That day there was the attention getter. I'll call her Ann. An orderly wheeled her into the waiting area in a wheel chair. Not sitting close enough to anyone for a conversation, she would just make noises, at first.  When that didn't work, Ann  got out of the wheel chair, walked to the desk to see where in line she was to see the doctor and how long she would have to wait. She sat back down in the wheel chair.
     Another lady came in and wanted a seat close to a plug in so she could charge her IPad and phone. The plug was next to Ann. Conversation partner, held captive.
     Ann, wanted to know what was wrong with the child she had with her. She then related the details of when she had the same problem, brought on by the abuse of others. Ann also talked loud enough so that everyone in the room could hear her story.
     The talk turned to Ann's problems only after that. She had driven herself to another hospital and was number fifteen in line to see the nurses and then the doctor. Waiting an hour, she still had eight ahead of her. She left that hospital and drive to the one we were at. She was pleased there was not a full waiting room and assumed she would get in quickly.
     Ann, proceeded to tell everyone her stomach was hurting and she felt like an elephant was sitting on it. With a loud voice she let the staff and everyone else, know she needed prompt attention. When that didn't get the desired attention she wanted, she got out of the wheel chair again and marched to the reception desk.There she started screaming at the nurses, that promptly brought out the security officer.
     Calming her down, she came back and sat down again. She was quiet, only for a few minutes. Across the waiting room she began to scream at the nursing staff. They weren't doing their their job, neglecting the patients, not taking care of them, which should be their job priority.
     A security officer and a very tall husky, male nurse came for Ann and wheeled her into a room to check her vitals and have a little talk with her.
     When they wheeled her back into the waiting room, with tears in her eyes, she apologized to everyone for her behavior. Ann was called to then go to an exam room, ahead of others.
     When Ann left the room, one lady said, "She must be chasing the devil." Others just nodded their heads.
     When they called David, for his turn, we could hear Ann screaming at the nurses. They had put her in an area separated from most of the patients.
     As I had watch Ann, in the waiting room, her eyes showed anger and disgust. They weren't the eyes of someone in the kind of pain she insisted she had. As I thought about all that had occured, I came to the conclusion, that had she been in that kind of pain, she would have called an ambulance. Not driven herself, she certainly would not have left one hospital and driven to another, after an hour of waiting. Her need for attention was greater than her need for the treatment of pain.
      David finally saw a nurse and a doctor. After blood work, other test, and a CT scan, it was determined he had a kidney stone. With meds and knowing the problem will be dealt with, we went home. David will see the specialist on Monday.
     The next morning the meds had worn off and the pain woke him up. Worst pain yet, he took his meds and lay back down. I rubbed his back until he relaxed and fell asleep.
    Suddenly it took me back many years. Linda, my twin sister, would sit up with me at night and rub my back or legs to help me deal with the pain I had. I was also reminded it was the pain, fear and emotional distress that Dr.Tosh saw in my eyes and alerted him to the trouble I was in. My mind was no longer dealing with the pain, I had endured all that I could handle. He observation saved my life. Yet my Mom, was oblivious to the pain I was in, even though I had tried telling her many times.
    Strange that it has taken me over fifty years to recognize, that the eyes are the window to pain and joy in our lives. I now find myself looking closer at people and looking to see if they are in stress as I was so many years ago.

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The Power of Water

                                             The Power of Water

     Water is the sustainer of life or it can destroy life. Our bodies need water for all our organs to function properly and our life began in water in our Mothers womb. To much or to little water and you have a disaster.
     Protection is provided with water. Putting out the flames of a burning home, business, or forest, and saving lives.
     We water our yards to keep them green in the hot summer sun. Crops are waters to help them grow, if there is not enough rain. We water plants in our homes, giving us plants and flowers to enjoy all year.
     Water is also dangerous. To much rain and we have floods. Some floods covers a small area, but other destroy entire regions. Destroying homes, crops, cities, small towns, and taking the lives of animals and people. To little rain and you have a drought. Crops die and the land dries up and the good soil erodes and blows away with the winds. People is areas of drought often die for lack of water to drink.
       Water can provide a lot of fun. Swimming, boating, floating the rivers, or using tubs or skis on the lakes. A trip on the ocean for a few days or a week or more. The slides at an amusement water park, areas to swim, float, or ride an artificial surf. Balloons filled with water for a water balloon fight with our friends.
     Storms over the oceans or seas, can create even more disasters. A boat or ship can be easily tossed about. Sometimes lives are lost and the a ship or boat sinks. If the storms move over land, the rain and winds can do great destruction and take lives. Often calling for evacuation of people, to save their lives.
     The ocean calm is a beautiful scene, Swimming, boating, fishing, fun for the whole family. The sunrise and sunset are beautiful and the reflection of that sun or moon on the water can be breathtaking. 
     There is fresh water and salty water. Most seas and oceans are salty. Only mammals can live in salty water. Some mammals large and scary others very small, delicate and beautifully colored. There are mammals that spend time on land, often surface for us to see and enjoy. Fresh water we can drink to sustain our lives, and the animals of the earth. Most of the fish from fresh water are eatable and can be lots of fun to catch.
     The rainbow is seen over water and land. It is God's creation, to remind us of His faithfulness, that never again will He destroy the entire world with a flood.
     We are baptized in water after we are saved. Representing being washed in the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Signifying His death, burial, and resurrection.
     Learn of the power of water, for good or bad and use it wisely.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Hidden Away By Grace

                                  Hidden Away By Grace
   Mary grew up in Nazareth, hidden away by grace, from the church leaders, officials, and the enemy of God. Growing up she was taught the love of God and all His ways. Learning and growing in grace for a purpose yet unknown to her. An encounter with the Angel of God, her life would never be the same. She would no longer be hidden away.
   Her baby was born hidden in a stable. Christ the Lord, the long awaited King of the Jews. Hidden from the enemy of God. The child grew up a carpenter by trade, awaiting the time to begin His ministry and change the world forever.In grace the Messiah stepped out. Rejected by many of His own, to the gentiles would the disciples be sent. Death on the cross, the Saviour revealed. The resurrection of our Lord, no longer His identity hidden away.
   A child is born, unwanted by some, saying its doesn't deserve to live. Too many flaws, problems, and needs for the world to see. Defective in their eyes, but, hidden away inside of each one are special gifts from God. With love and nurturing the gifts are revealed to those willing to embrace the child of God. A child should never be hidden away.
   Many of God's chosen are hidden away for a time in their life for grace to reveal. Often lonely, sad, and discouraged, wanting to know why? Asking is their someone for me? Hidden away until their special love is revealed. Ready to step into a new life together, fulfilling God's plan and purpose for them. God's grace no longer hidden away.
   Then there are those that struggle and try, but feel they can never measure up. Never to be who they want to be. Sometimes doubting their own faith. some are living outside the will of God, the enemy has them in bondage to him. Still others in repair of their life, wounded and rejected by man. Man simple says, "Throw them away." Some are to young, some are to old, others are unfit to serve. Could it be that God has some of them hidden away by grace for a time yet to come.
   Is it not fair to say, "If God had not hidden them away by grace, " some of the messages for the world, the enemy in hatred, would have destroyed each one. We cannot judge the life of another, we do not know their heart or the truths that grace has hidden away. Grace in God's time will reveal the truth, grace again will carry the message, God is the great I AM. His secrets one day will no longer be hidden away from a single man.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Scales of Grace

                                          Scales Of grace

   How do we measure sin, is it on a scale of 1 to 10? What sin should should be least and what sin should be the worst? Many do not look at themselves and admit to their own sin, but, are more than willing to point out the sins of others.
   Would the disobedience of Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden, be the least? After all it was the first. Should God have overlooked that sin, "It wasn't that bad of a sin, only disobedience," we have all done that at some time in our lives. However, that one bite of the fruit, has brought us to where we are today.
   We get angry when someone lies or steals from us, yet we overlook our own attitudes and beliefs, or the gossip we spread, saying, "It's just a prayer request." How often do we pass judgment when someone ignores us or speaks to us in anger? Does murder, rape, or child abuse weigh heavy on the scales of sin? Where does it weigh, when we in anger and fear lash out at God with words that a person should never speak, especially a Christian?
   How do we or how should we measure the degree of sin committed against another person? Should it be on a scale of 1 to 10? There is no scale we can use to measure sin! We can only set the punishment as we see it should be for those convicted of a crime against another. Seems to me we haven't done to good of a job, even with that. How dare we be so arrogant and critical of one another.
   What does our heavenly Father use as His scale? Does He see the one who was abused as a child and now uses drugs, as one He should overlook their sins? Should He say, "It's OK," to the one that has an abortion because of incest or rape? The one that beats or kills another, is God to overlook them too, because of the way they were raised? I'm thankful He is the final Judge!
   God's scale is called GRACE. The grace of forgiveness. He doesn't overlook the things that have happened to us, or the things we have done. But we are required, with the help of the Holy Spirit to forgive our offenders and ourselves, then God will forgive us.
   God gave His only Begotten Son, to pay the price, He did not owe, for our sins. Christ gave His life for you and me. No matter what we have done, grace is for each of us. Salvation freely given with peace is offered to everyone and life eternal, if we accept the Saviour.
   When Christ died on the cross, He paid the same price for every sin that was ever committed or will ever be committed. The price of His death made every sin equal.

   Romans 6:23 KJV

   For the wages of sin is death: but, the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus

Christ our Lord. 

Monday, April 23, 2018

Innocence Lost

    It has grieved me to see all the violence in our schools. Our Children no longer have a childhood. Their innocence has been lost. Sadly Christians must share part of the blame.This is my view of what has happened to schools and society over the past 60 years. I hope you will read and leave a commit, but remember it is my view not yours.

                                                  Innocence Lost

   When and why was innocence lost for the children of America. They grow up so fast, no time for them to be children. No time to learn what little boys and girls really were meant to be. In our world today children know more about sex and murder, even before they learn to read or spell their on name. Through TV and movies children are exposed to sex and violence everyday on almost every channel. Drugs often handed out on school play grounds.

   When was Innocence lost? Prayer was taken out of school. No longer a prayer covering over the schools, teachers, or the children. Evil was free to roam the the halls and classrooms. Trouble, it was just beginning.

   When was innocence lost? The Ten Commandments were also removed from our schools. No moral right or wrong was taught after that. Morals looked at as something evil, that puts restrictions on our right to live as we please. How another my be affected has no place in our thoughts. Live for self and get what you want. Morals are up to mans own way of thinking and his interpretation.

   When was innocence lost? Creation was taken out of schools. Children then taught that evolution is the way we came into existence. First there was goo, then time in the zoo, and finally you. No value given to the uniqueness of every creature created by God or that Man was created in the image of God alone, instead we are all reduced to goo.

   When was innocence lost? When life began to have no value or worth. Die with dignity and don't be a burden on society. Get out of the way, you take up to much space, time and resources. Now the elderly are to costly or sick to tolerate. The handicapped and special needs are considered even a greater burden. A freak of nature.

   When was innocence lost? When the unborn was reduced to unwanted tissue, that needed to be discarded.It wasn't a baby and had no value or worth, so it needed no protection. An inconvenience to get rid of. Now they want to discard the baby, just because it is the wrong sex. Life to be thrown in the trash.

   When was innocence lost? The wars of yesterday and today. Children growing up in a home without the presence or a loss of a mother or father. They could be gone for months or years, some never return home at all. No solid foundation of a home and family. Some mothers are even convinced that it is better for the government to pay you what is needed to be home with your children.  Kids don't need a Father at home. But, what the kids have gotten is gangs, drugs, and violence.

   When was innocence lost? The attacks of 9/11. Children killing children. Others bullied until a child commits suicide.  Killings in the theaters, car wrecks, violence at home. Abuse of all kinds, all the result of innocence lost.

   But, the question we must ask, "Why was innocence lost?" That is what all must answer for one day. Prayer was thrown out and discarded along with the Ten Commandments by the indifference of God's people. Christians did not pray or stand up for Godly principles.They sat back and arrogantly believed, "God won't let it happen, it will be fine, after all we are a Christian nation." That is the commit I heard growing up.

   Christians took on the ways of the world to raise their children. Dr. Spock was preferred over the foundations of the Bible to raise them. That was for the old times, not for modern times. Everybody is doing things the modern way and we must be in line with rest of the world.

   Children learn more from the TV than they do from their parents. Satan has become the guy in the little red suit, with a tail, horns, and he carries a pitch fork, mostly seen on Halloween. Children are told he is only a myth and to ignore what the Church has to say about him.Children are told it is OK to dabble in the occult, gain a better understanding of their world and become their own god. Christians have stood back and allowed abortions to become the standard way of dealing with the unwanted child. Now marriage itself is being threatened in our country. Those who believe in an alternate life style, feel they have the right to take the title, marriage for their way of life.

   Will we as a child of God ever stand, even to our death to protect our children
from what the enemy's trying to turn our country into? Will we as Christians ever come together, accepting one another, and bowing our knees, together, calling on our God and humbly seeking His forgiveness and asking Him to heal our land. Have we waited to long I pray we haven't."  The Bible saw we will have a great revival before the end and I pray for that. Christians will have much to answer for when we face our Holy God!

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Brenda Carney Eldred April 23, 2018



Friday, June 26, 2015

Phyllis and Dust Bunnies

     Friends have told me I have a contagious laugh. David (my husband) says my laughter make him feel things are good and loves to hear me laugh. I hope I got my laughter from Phyllis. Hope you enjoy my trip down memory lane about Phyllis. Miss her very much.

                                              Phyllis and Dust Bunnies

     January 8, 2015, my dear sister, Phyllis Stewart passed away. Thoughts and memories of her have come flooding back. As our cousin, John Carney shared at the funeral, Phyllis had a laugh all her own. She would place her hands on her legs, just above the knees, lean forward and just laugh. The commit reminded me of the dust bunnies.
     Anyone who knew Phyllis, also knew she kept a very clean home. I doubt she ever had dust bunnies.. My home, on the other hand, dust bunnies you will find. My thing is cooking not cleaning.
     I cannot remember why but, Mom, Dad, Phyllis, and Rudy were at our home in Springfield overnight. Something was wrong with the refrigerator. After supper with dishes done, David pulled the refrigerator out from the wall to work on it, however under and behind needed some cleaning . Phyllis, Mom and I got busy cleaning the floor, wall and back of the refrigerator. Of course there was dust bunnies..
     Phyllis started laughing. Hands on her legs, leaning forward, she started laughing and couldn't stop. Her laugh was so contagious, Mom and I started laughing. All three of us ended up with tears in our eyes, we laughed so hard. Now many years later, when the refrigerator is moved out the dust bunnies are cleaned away, I am reminded of that day and it brings a warm smile to my face.
     Who would imagine that dust bunnies could bring back a warm wonderful memory of Phyllis, that is so special. People I have worked with over the years have told me I have a contagious laugh. I hope I do have her love of laughter, it came from her heart.
     Sis, I miss your beautiful smile and laughter but, I know i will see you again.

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